Linking East Lothian to Australia

John Barr a retired East Lothian veterinary surgeon & his wife Frances from West Saltoun and long serving members of Musselburgh Roads Cycling Club have just completed an incredible cycle tour circumnavigating Australia and Tasmania covering a total distance of 10270 miles in 6 months.

Cycling approximately 500 plus gruelling but enjoyable miles per week, the couple have arrived back in East Lothian and intend to enjoy a well earned break before planning their next adventure on two wheels.

John stated that “it's good to be home and experience slightly more predictable weather” after having survived the worst and best, that Australia could throw at them. The long days of heavy rain and floods, hot and humid temperatures, exceeding 36 degrees, bush fires, crocodiles and other strange reptiles never seen in East Lothian.

The cycle tour gave the couple ample opportunity to catch up with some old friends/ex pats and a former club mate and also to make a lot of new acquaintances, in particular, from among the aboriginal community especially the young, who wanted to know all about Scotland and East Lothian.

The couple found time to write up a trip diary ….. which makes very interesting reading and will be published soon on the Muusselburgh Roads website –

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Notes for Editors:

The Club (MRCC) formed in 1936 recently widened its search throughout the global cycling fraternity in an effort to make contact with past members or anyone who had a previous connection to the Club. Details are being finalized to celebrate 75 years in Scottish Cycling. The Club plans to host a wide range of activities and number of events throughout this year culminating with a commemorative presentation dinner scheduled for late October 2011.

Affiliated to the East of Scotland Cycling Association (ESCA) the Club, who carry the Musselburgh Town colours (blue and gold) organise a full program of cycling events to suit all age groups and are committed to the development of sport and health throughout the East Lothian region.

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