QueryClick Comment on Twitter's Introduction of Promoted Tweets

Edinburgh based SEO agency QueryClick are excited about the recent Twitter announcement made on 28th July, 2011, that confirmed 'Promoted Tweets' have now been introduced to everyone's time line.

As a result all users will now have visible promoted tweets that will appear at the top of their time line much similar to all other tweets, and will only appear from organisations that they are currently following. The ability to be dismissed by a single click and the appearance of the promoted tweet only once allows for minimum impact for regular users.

Twitter have stated that the social media site allows all users to connect and discover the latest information on the topics and people they care about. Therefore, if anyone is following an organisation or brand this will allow everyone to have access to the latest information and content regarding those organisations and brands as soon as they are made available.

A spokesperson from the search engine optimisation experts, QueryClick commented:

The promoted tweets have been introduced in a very smart way. In which only people who you are currently following is made visible and as a result gives you ultimate control over what you see. In addition, because the the promoted tweets appear in the form of regular tweets this will reduce the impact it will have on the users experience, while offering an increased opportunity to discover more information.”

Twitter have stated that it is still being rolled out and tested with a group of selected partners. This is set to grow within the coming weeks, during which it will allow many non-profit organisations to create promoted tweets also, increasing the reach from just brands and other organisations.

The Spokesperson continues:

Hopefully in the coming months there will be many more features and ways in which the concept will grow, especially once there has been enough user feedback. Also, it will not be clear until the community itself speak up on how they feel about promoted tweets being introduced, but I believe it is a positive step forward for Twitter.”

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