UK Dental Sector Set to Smile

A celebrity dentist is launching a revolutionary treatment in the UK, which will help men and women across the country achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Dr Biju Krishnan, founder of dental and facial cosmetic practice Lubiju, has launched the treatment which allows adults to get a straighter smile in a matter of months after he recognised a gap in the UK market.

Currently adults looking for straighter teeth have to opt for treatments imported from the U.S and elsewhere. And whilst they provide quick and effective, they can often be very expensive.

Now, the Edinburgh based dentist has developed a dedicated UK- based alternative, C-FAST (Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth), giving adults the chance to get the perfect smile in a matter of months at a fraction of the price.

Already a hit with celebrities, such as TV presenter Holly Willoughby, Dr Krishnan will roll the treatment out across the UK potentially treating thousands of adults within the first 12 months.

Currently over 60 clinics have signed up to offer the treatment and it is expected that this will increase to over 200 within just one year. 

Dr Krishnan said: “This type of treatment will revolutionise the way dentists practice cosmetic dentistry – its kind to teeth, fast and relatively inexpensive. It will ultimately be a real game changer for UK dentistry, which is currently over shadowed by U.S and European advances.

“The C-FAST adult orthodontic system will revolutionise UK dentistry as it offers quick and effective results at a price that is within reach of most people’s budget.  

“Currently the only real alternative to orthodontic treatment is veneers and whilst they do offer instant results, they may end up causing more damage to the existing tooth, which isn’t the case with C-FAST.

“Ultimately C-FAST will allow more dentists in the UK to offer their clients, quick and effective teeth straightening treatments and the fact that we are based here and not overseas, means they will receive a better quality of service and support from UK specialists.

“Not only that but it means that clinics will now be able to offer the treatment cheaper than they do now, making it easier, quicker and less expensive than ever before for adults to get a straighter smile.

”So far response to C-FAST has been fantastic, not only from patients, but also from dentists who recognise the value that a dedicated UK treatment brings not only to their patients, but also to their business.”

The treatment works through the fitting of orthodontic braces. Yet unlike traditional braces which can be unsightly and clunky, the C-FAST treatment is virtually invisible as the brackets and wires are matched to the individual’s tooth colour.

Traditional orthodontic braces are generally used to align the teeth of children and young adults and attempt to create a clinically ideal bite. However with most adults we can accept that the bite they have, leave the back teeth where they are and focus on aligning and repositioning the front six teeth only.

C-FAST braces focus on straightening primarily the front six front teeth, which are most visible, meaning teeth, can be straightened in a fraction of the time with minimum discomfort and embarrassment.

The average treatment time lasts between four to nine months, a far cry from the 18 month and over treatment time associated with traditional braces.

Dr Krishnan added: “Many adults are not happy with their smile, but are reluctant to receive dental treatment due to the stigma attached to wearing braces. People often feel that braces are unsightly and would rather put up with hiding their smile.

“Today however the face of dentistry is changing and clients can now choose from a range of subtle and effective treatments, which will help them, achieve the perfect smile, without any of the embarrassment.

“C-FAST braces now offer the perfect treatment for those who want straighter teeth and what’s even better; they can get the results they want in just a matter of months.

“The fact that we have celebrities such as Holly Willoughby coming forward and trying the treatment, as well as attesting its results is just fantastic and those who have tried the treatment so far have been extremely positive.

“I hope that many more adults will come forward and find out more about how braces can help give them that winning smile.”

The C-FAST treatment has been launched through the VIP Smiles programme, which has been specially created by dental experts across the UK to provide a quality and affordable standard of cosmetic dentistry.

Currently the C-FAST treatment is available at Lubiju cosmetic dental clinics in Edinburgh and London’s Harley Street, as well as 60 dental clinics across the UK who are affiliated with the VIP Smiles brand.

At Lubiju the team continues to strive to be at the forefront of the latest cosmetic and preventative dental treatments.

The Clinic offers a full range of dental treatments including teeth whitening and veneers to implants and maxillo-facial surgery and are guaranteed to give the desired results.

In addition to dental treatments, Lubiju offers a range of facial aesthetic treatments including derma fillers and non-surgical facelifts, as well as providing a host of holistic therapies in a unique mind and body treatment centre.

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