UK Workers Send Personal Packages from the Workplace

A recent parcel delivery industry survey has found that more UK employees are choosing to send personal parcels from their work place. The survey, which questioned 2,000 people as carried out by OnePoll, and revealed that almost a third of those people surveyed admitted to using the company mail room to send their parcels.

Dawn Henderson, Marketing Executive for ParcelsPlease comments: “The research conducted by OnePoll is actually quite exciting, as it shows that a significant number of UK employees are choosing to send parcels from their workplace. While 32% of respondents stated that they sent parcels from work because they wanted to avoid queues at the Post Office, the results of this survey have shown us that consumers still see parcel services as a very valuable part of everyday life.”

While the survey was primarily concerned with the behaviour of respondents who were sending parcels, the respondents were also asked questions about how they receive their packages and other post, which led to some very promising results, according to ParcelsPlease.

Dawn Henderson continues: “When OnePoll questioned the respondents about receiving packages, 15% of them admitted that they had asked for personal parcels to be delivered to their work address, as opposed to their home address. This shows that more and more people are opting to have their parcels delivered to their workplace in order to avoid travelling to the depot later on. What this tells us is that people need more flexibility in how their parcels are collected and delivered, which is why specialist courier companies like ParcelsPlease that deliver parcels throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide are so in demand.”

About ParcelsPlease:

ParcelsPlease is the online trading name of Consolidated Carriers Ltd, known as CCL, which offers reliable mail delivery in the UK, Europe and worldwide. CCL – a complete logistics supermarket – has been operating in the logistics industry since 1999, and has moved over 10 million parcels to date.

Booking deliveries with ParcelsPlease and CCL means dealing with a company that knows the logistics industry inside out, and which shares contracts with the world's most reliable and competitive parcel carriers.

ParcelsPlease and CCL value everything from quality to responsibility, including the environment; ParcelsPlease not only has ISO 14001 (the internationally accepted standard outlining an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard) but is also carbon neutral as well.

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