Charity for Scots in London asks,

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Charity for Scots in London asks, ‘Are Scots tight?’

ScotsCare, the charity for Scots in London have launched a poll to find out if Scots really are tight with the result to be published to celebrate St Andrew’s Day on the 30th of November.

The poll is being voted for on the ScotsCare page on Facebook with the result being published on their website,

In light of Ann Gloag, Stagecoach Co Founder being the first Scot to be awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal for her tireless work to improve the plight of impoverished African women, is it time that the’ tight Scot’ myth be once and for all forgotten.

Organisers of the accolade hailed Ms Gloag’s tireless work to improve the plight of impoverished African women and said she “embodies the spirit and leadership” of the former US First Lady after whom the award is named.

ScotsCare President and Sotheby’s premier charity auctioneer, Lord Dalmeny said, “I think it is a complete myth that Scots are tight. The wonderful achievements of Ann Gloag just highlights the generosity of Scots not only to other Scots but to people all over the world.”

ScotsCare is celebrating its 400th year of supporting less fortunate Scots in the capital and will be holding a charity dinner in the House of Commons on the 1st of December. Further information on the charity is available at



ScotsCare is the charity for 1st and 2nd generation Scots in London

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