Scottish Talent Hunters Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

A dynamic events organisation has taken a unique approach to promoting unrecognised and unsigned Scottish musical talent.

IC Events is crowdfunding £3000 on a brand new platform to support their activities. They will promote acts through launching weekly live events across Scotland to which industry officials from record labels, recording studios and more importantly, the public, will be invited to. The events will give confidence, and live event experience to all of the acts involved, but will also help to promote live acts.

Conor Steel, the director of IC Events said: “Unsigned bands across the country are lacking the funds they need to release their first album, or to organise their first gig. We are going to launch a range of gigs and other events across the country, which will help the bands showcase their music.

“We will also use our industry links to find them the best deals for recording studios, and if necessary, we will donate the necessary funds to release their first single. 

“But without the money from crowd funding, there is no way we will be able to run such a project, so it is necessary we get the money!” 

Crowdfunding is a new way of fundraising for new start-up companies, without taking out a bank loan or trying to secure a grant. 

Using Bloom VC (Venture Catalyst), a brand new Scottish crowdfunding platform, anybody can create a crowdfunding pitch anywhere in the world and can receive support from anywhere in the world. Donations are made in return for reward. For example, if a person funds IC Events £10, they will receive a gift of a digital download of an album full of songs from Scottish artists.


Notes to Editors:

IC Events is a company based just outside Glasgow, which provides event and technical services to companies across Scotland. It was started in December 2010 by two college graduates Conor Steel, and Ian Smyth. Since launching the company, it has continued to grow, and we would like to put our skills to use by helping the country's unrecognised artists.

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Contact: Conor Steel
Phone: 07593 993 107