The Auld Alliance More Alive than Ever

Tonight the best in Scottish travel journalism come together to celebrate the Scottish French Travel Article of the Year Awards 2012

The number of French travel articles is increasing year on year, and we believe in thanking those who are as passionate about travel to France as we are. Started in 2011, the Scottish French Travel Article of the Year is our opportunity to showcase what we know to be a very important part of British tourism in France. So, we’ve decided to venture north of the border several times a year to bring the newest ideas and the latest information directly to Scottish journalists.

2011 has been a good year for Scottish travellers in France with an upward trend in visitor numbers, most certainly helped along by an increasing variety of flights and destinations available to Scottish tourists. In 2011 around 50 journalists took advantage of these new destinations by travelling with us on press trips organised by ATOUT FRANCE and the French regions.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to travel with us and our partners in last year, maybe you should keep an eye on our press trip catalogue – out next week – along with a visit to France Meets the Media on the 1st March. We’ll be up in Edinburgh and Glasgow on the 1st to bring you the opportunity to find out what’s new and what’s different about French destinations this year.  Sign up on the website:

Tomorrow – the nominees and winners… 

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