Bald Barbie

Thousands of young girls who are suffering from the trauma of losing their hair are to be given an inspirational boost by a famous toymaker.

Mattel, the maker of the Barbie doll has announced its plans to create a bald Barbie after an online petition was started to help young girls cope with the struggles of losing their hair at such a young age.

A Glasgow based hair loss clinic believes that the Barbie will help young girls during the traumatic time in which they lose their hair and believes it will help to support any treatment children are receiving for their hair loss.

Hair Solved, which has treated girls as young as 10 offers a sustainable and affordable ‘enhancer’ solution for children who are affected by hair loss.

Lucas Sojka, Director of Hair Solved said: “We think it is a great idea to create a bald Barbie for young girls who are going through some type of hair loss.

“Producing a well known and loved toy like Barbie is a great idea and we feel it is a huge step in helping to give young girls a positive outlook on hair loss and assure them they are not the only ones to suffer this loss.

“We see many young girls every day at our clinic with a variety of different hair loss issues. Many people don’t think that children will experience hair loss but this is untrue. Children can be affected just as much as adults with conditions such as alopecia and trichotillomania – a condition which causes individuals to pull their own hair out.

“Although many children are too young to understand why they are losing their hair there can be lasting effects which many parents may not realise. Having something like a bald Barbie will help to limit these effects as it will help to give children normality in a stressful situation.

“If Mattel makes its bald Barbie widely available, then we would definitely look to secure some for all of our clinics, in the hope that it will help young children come to terms with their hair loss and help remove some of the stigma surrounding it.”

Hair Solved, which has clinics across Glasgow, London, Manchester and London treats hundreds of young girls every year with its ‘enhancer’ solution which conceals all types of hair loss.

Lucas continued: “The ‘enhancer’ was developed in order to provide a natural looking and long lasting method of covering up hair loss.

“It works by using mesh to combine the existing hair with hair extensions and in the extreme cases where there is no hair, we use specialist surgical tapes to attach the mesh to the scalp and then use extensions.

“It has proved an extremely successful treatment with our young clients and we always try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Our solution is the closest thing to having real hair and we have had positive reactions from both the parents and the children that we have treated.”

The doll which is being called the friend of Barbie will come with many different accessories including wigs, hats and scarves. In February it was also announced that brand rivals Bratz and Moxie girls are to produce a line of bald dolls for cancer patients and their friends and relatives.

Hair Solved’s Glasgow clinic can offer hair systems for all types of female hair loss including; alopecia, genetic thinning, post pregnancy, trichotillomania and hair loss associated with chemotherapy.

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