Gold Winners for Epilepsy Awareness

Great achievements start with small steps, so in this Olympic year Epilepsy Scotland challenges you to be epilepsy aware. Try our online National Epilepsy Week (21-26 May) quiz and reap rewards by being better informed whether you work, rest or play.

Champion hurdler Dai Greene intends to raise the bar on what’s achievable for people with epilepsy.  So can you.  Apply for our epilepsy best practice certificate so your workplace can proudly display its commitment to employees who have epilepsy. 

Go ahead, be a winner and make the most of this year’s golden opportunities to raise awareness.   Over 54,000 people in Scotland with this common serious neurological condition will be cheering you on!  Get a best practice certificate at or call our Freephone helpline on 0808 800 2200.

Allana M Parker

Public Affairs Officer

Epilepsy Scotland

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