Pie Tax Victory for Common Sense

Scottish Bakers welcome the statement from the Treasury to reverse their decision to apply a tax on bakery products sold over ambient temperature.

Said Alan Clarke, chief executive of Scottish Bakers: “Bakery products contribute £594.7million to the Scottish Economy and the proposed legislation was totally flawed by proposing to tax bakery products sold over ambient temperature. Ambient temperature changes with each season and this would have just led to confusion among customers, bakers and the tax collectors.”

He added: “There is a clear distinction between putting VAT on freshly baked products and products that are reheated. This means that customers in Scotland can enjoy freshly baked goods and make their own decision when they eat them, without being subject to tax.”

Mr Clarke was also pleased that the Government has seen common sense: “We have been concerned that making customers across Scotland pay more for the same product in the current economic climate was just adding to the difficulties that bakers across Scotland face.  This could have led to a reduction in retail footfall, further damaging high streets across Scotland where many bakers trade and subsequently putting some of the 12,000 jobs in the craft bakery sector in jeopardy.”


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