Beauty Regimes that are Killing Your Hair

Thousands of women are struggling with hair loss after exhausting beauty regimes made famous by celebrities.

Hair extensions and highlights are just two of the beauty rituals which have been causing women across the country to suffer from hair loss known as issues such as bald patches and the premature thinning of hair.

Made famous by the likes of reality TV stars, wearing hair extensions for long periods of time, can lead to a condition known as traction alopecia – where the hair is weakened due to prolonged tension meaning that women are literally tearing their hair out to get the latest celebrity hair styles.

Glamour model Katie Price and super model Naomi Campbell are both said to have suffered from hair loss due to traction alopecia. Most recently Jessica Wright, star of TV show The Only Way Is Essex was criticised for having thinning locks which has constantly been attributed to the heavy hair extensions she wears on a day to day basis.

Lucas Sojka, Director of Hair Solved, a female hair loss clinic in Glasgow, suggests that they are seeing a rise in the number of young girls and women suffering from this type of hair loss – not realising that in their quest for thick hair they are actually making their hair thinner.

He said: “Hair extensions and the constant dying of hair can have real damaging effects for women.

“It is understandable that people like to look good and want to try out the latest celebrity hair and beauty trend. However when you see stars like Jessica and the obvious affects her extensions have had on her scalp, this should be enough of a warning to not wear them constantly.

“We see and treat thousands of women each year for a variety of reasons and increasingly we are seeing the effects of beauty regimes becoming a major reason for female hair loss.

“What is most alarming about traction alopecia is that rather than stopping using the hair extensions, most women choose to wear their hair extensions even more, putting even more pressure on the hair, which could lead to more permanent hair loss.

“The key thing to allow the hair to recover from this type of hair loss is early diagnosis and if identified early the hair loss is usually reversible – which is good news for those who already wear extensions.”

And its not just hair extensions, which can cause hair loss, over processing of the hair through the use of chemical dyes and constant hair straightening can make hair fragile, leading to heavy fall out during brushing and eventual thinning or hair loss.

Female hair loss, is more complicated than male hair loss and can be caused by a variety of factors including weight loss, poor diet, stress, hormone imbalance and genetics – mostly it is reversible but in some extreme cases the hair loss can be permanent.

Hair Solved, which has four clinics across the UK has created a specialised ‘Enhancer’ solution, which provides a natural and effective hair loss solution for women. The clinic also offers traditional hair extensions which are attached and removed in such as way that there is little or no hair breakage.

The ‘Enhancer’ is an advanced and affordable solution, which combines hair extensions and mesh which is attached to the existing hair or the scalp to conceal all types of hair loss.

Once the treatment is in place, users schedule clinic visits much as they would arrange visits to the hairdresser and at a similar cost, which Lucas says helps women feel comfortable with the treatment and make it a part of their normal routine.

Lucas continued: “Both our ‘Enhancer’ and hair extensions have been designed and nurtured by us here in the clinic and are the most unique and personalised solutions to female hair loss.

“There are many different reasons for hair loss in women. We see different cases everyday with those affected right through from the age of ten until the age of seventy.

“It is difficult to overstate how much hair loss can shatter a woman’s confidence and their ability to live a normal life. In fact, we even see women who have relatively thick hair, but have their lives blighted by the psychological fear they are losing their hair. Our treatment helps them too.”

Hair Solved’s Glasgow clinic can offer hair systems for all types of female hair loss including; alopecia, genetic thinning, post pregnancy, trichotillomania and hair loss associated with chemotherapy.

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