Interested in Local Street Events for July?

July is the place for many cultural events in France. Here are three unusual events in different regions of France.

  • 4th Arts & Crafts Festival (Languedoc-Roussillon) – From 13-15 July, the 4th edition of the Arts and Crafts Festival will take place in Pont de Montvert. Created in 2009 the village’s inhabitants welcome artists and visitors to their garages, cellars and other quirky places. Today, the tradition goes on and the number of visitors has increased every year. In 2012, the festival’s theme will be on originality and virtuosity, with many different artists and materials: paper, wood, sculpture, jewellery, and more.
  • Fêtes du Grand Fauconnier (Midi-Pyrénées) – From 14-15 July, and for the past 41 years, a festival dedicated to the Middle-Ages will be held in Cordes-sur-Ciel. Costumes, activities and décor will take you back in time. In each part of the town, activities like illuminations, basket making workshops or medieval games for children will be organised. There are also street performances with shows and concerts.
  • Chalons dans la rue (Burgundy) – From 18-22 July, this outdoor arts festival will reveal an entirely new way of looking at urban life: the street parades in Chalons-sur-Saône will give you the opportunity to see the town in a new way. Covering different themes such as the status of women, migrants, death and the trivialisation of our daily life, each performance highlights realities which have an impact on all of us. This year the spectators are invited to become actors.

For these three events, the programmes of the activities, as well as practical information, are available on their websites: 4th Festival of Arts & Crafts, Fêtes du Grand Fauconnier, Chalons dans la rue

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