Wood Burning Stoves Make Sense as Energy Prices Rocket

News of Scottish Power’s second price hike in nine months is a huge blow to hard-pressed householders.

As many struggle to pay their existing heating bills, the 19% hike in gas and 10% rise in electricity prices is forcing many to re-evaluate the way they heat their homes.

Now, many are opting to reduce their reliance on the major utility companies by installing wood burning stoves, which is a cheaper and more reliable option. People are rapidly discovering that burning wood, if it is sourced locally, can help reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and benefit communities through supporting local suppliers.

For years, the major utility companies have had a monopoly on the supply of heating but burning wood means people can regain some degree of control over their own household. That means no more freezing when there’s a power cut – the heat from the stove will ensure you stay warm and comfortable and you can even boil a kettle on the stove for a welcome cuppa if needs be!

Wood burning stoves not only help you save money over time but are also environmentally friendly, as when managed properly renewable energy resources, like wood, should never run out. Burning wood is also a carbon neutral activity, as the average tree produces 20 times more oxygen in its lifetime than is required for combustion. That means burning wood releases just the same amount of C02 as the tree would if it was left to decay.

Alex Dolby, manager of wood burning and multi fuel specialist Bonk & Co in Edinburgh, said there has been an increase in the amount of customers keen to find out more about installing a stove.

He said: “We are all up against it when it comes to paying lofty heating bills, so it is natural that everyone is keen to save money. I am not saying wood burning stoves are a miracle cure for the nation’s money worries but they do make good financial sense and allow the consumer to regain control.

“Quite a lot of people are coming into our showrooms in Edinburgh and Inverness to find out what switching to wood burners could do for them. I know people who have had wood burning stoves installed would never go back to their reliance on major energy providers.”

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