The Spires Launches Business Package for Independent Women

The number of women travelling independently on business has increased dramatically in recent years. But, recent surveys have shown that many remain unhappy with their experiences of hotels.

This increase in the number of women travelling on business reflects a growth in the number of female entrepreneurs in the UK. A government survey in 2008 found there were more than a million self-employed women in the UK, an increase of 17% on 2000.

But for female business travellers, lone hotel stays are a major concern. More than 57% said staying in a hotel made them feel lonely. Women are also less comfortable about sitting in a hotel bar. One survey found 69% of women dislike being alone in a hotel bar, compared with just 29% of men.

To meet the needs of female business travellers, The Spires – operators of serviced suites in Aberdeen, Birmingham and Glasgow – has launched a new women in business travel package.

The Single Female Business Package includes:

• Apartments with video phone entry systems and door viewers for extra security

• Priority top floor apartment allocation

• Apartments with good lighting for make-up and full length mirrors

• A selection of the latest business magazines and newspapers

• A pamper pack to help visitors unwind after a long day of meetings

• Continental breakfast to enjoy in your own dining kitchen

Eating alone in restaurants also featured high on the list as one of the things women dread doing the most on business trips. At The Spires apartments there’s no need to venture out, as each of apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen and dining areas.

Groceries can be ordered online and delivered to the apartments, where the staff will deliver it to the room, putting chilled foods in the fridge, ready for the guest’s arrival. Alternatively, guests can have food delivered to their apartment.

Margaret Beattie, Managing Director of The Spires said:

“Being a frequent lone traveller I know there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable while away from home. So many more women are taking business trips that the demand for appropriate accommodation is growing.

“We intend to meet this requirement by recognising that women’s needs are different to their male colleagues and providing them with a tailored package.

“We want women staying with us to feel safe in their apartments. That’s why we’ve introduced such high security measures – with our video phone entry systems you can actually see who is at your door before buzzing them in.”

The Spires also offers Directors Suites at each of its locations. These suites have a separate office room, equipped with full-size desk, wireless internet, printer and stationery.

With up to three bedrooms, lounge, fully-fitted kitchen, dining area and bathroom, the apartments at The Spires offer plenty of room to unwind after a long day of business meetings.

“It’s a shame that women still feel uncomfortable travelling alone on business and think they get a worse service than their male counterparts,”Margaret Beattie continues. “With the increasing number of women travelling on business, it’s important that women feel at ease to unwind after a hard day’s work. We hope that our measures will make our female guests feel confident and at ease when away from home.”

The Female Business Package costs from £109 for a one-bedroom apartment. For more information on the Single Female Business Package and the latest deals at The Spires log onto or call 0845 270 0090 for further information.

Contact: Ken McEwen
Phone: 01467 633667