Le Mans 2011 Winner Lubricated by Islay Single Malt

A plucky amateur British racing team wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2011 

The privateer team of Greaves Motorsport won the P2 class, and came 8th out of 56 cars – the top private team – in what was the most exciting endurance race for many years, with the P1 winning Audi crossing the line by a mere 13 seconds ahead of the Peugeot after 24 hours.

The new kid on the block, 20 year old Olivier Lombard, piloted the white Zytek No. 41 of Greaves Motorsport across the line in first place.

Team owner, Tim Greaves said:”Young Oliver we knew was good, but didn't know he was THAT good – he only had 15 laps of practice in the car before we left the UK. Frankly I signed him up because his folks own the Moulin Rouge and promised to provide some dancing girls for the pitlane glamour.”

“We had no technical problems during the race, though we did visit the gravel trap with about 2 hours to go but were able to get back in the race. With an hour to go, and the rain beginning to fall, the tactic was simply to keep the car on the track. I didn't know seconds lasted that long.”

“You're not allowed to promote alcohol on TV in France – we had been telling them that our sponsor Bruichladdich was a type of water, which it is, a water of life. But they cottoned on this year and we had to change our team name.”

Bruichladdich, the private Islay distiller, has provided the lubrication for Greaves Motorsport for 5 years. 

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