Dads Really Want a Date with Cheryl

Dads have a secret dream present they want for Father’s Day – dinner with sexy singer and TV star, Cheryl Cole.

The revelation comes in a survey of their offspring conducted by Braehead Shopping Centre into people’s attitudes to dads and gifts bought for Father’s Day, which is this Sunday, June 19.

More than 400 people took part in the online survey on the Braehead Facebook page. And they voted by an overwhelming 89 per cent that what dads really wanted for Father’s Day – but were too scared to ask for – was dinner with the former X-Factor judge, Cheryl.

The survey also revealed that only 13 per cent reckoned their dad would like to stay in with his wife on Father’s Day watching repeats of America’s Next Top Model and only 3.1 per cent said their dad would like dinner with his mother-in-law.

Other survey answers to what dad would really like were – going out for a stroll on his own, a walk-on part in TV’s Emmerdale and to forget about calories and cholesterol for a day and have a slap-up meal with champagne.

Asked what they would really like to give their dad for Father’s Day, 61 per cent said it would be anything that will stop him telling you how easy it is for young people compared to when he was growing up.

And 34 per cent suggested they would like to pay for their dad to get dancing lessons so he doesn’t embarrass his offspring with his antics at family weddings.

Other answers included a new knee and a book entitled – ‘How Not To Annoy Your Children’.

Fortunately for dads, the survey revealed that 95 per cent of those surveyed said they always bought a Father’s Day gift.

They also reckoned that dads would prefer a Braehead gift card (89 per cent) instead of the obligatory pair of socks (11 per cent).

According to the survey, the favourite celebrity dad is the fun, but dysfunctional cartoon dad, Homer Simpson, on 66 per cent, with David Beckham in second place polling 28 per cent. Other favourite celebrity dads included Peter Andre, Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher.

And by far, Osama Bin Laden was voted the least favourite dad polling a massive 91 per cent. However, with recent revelations about his extra-marital affairs, Ryan Giggs also featured on the least favourite list along with hell-raiser Charlie Sheen.

Braehead’s marketing manager, Lydia Brown said: “The outcome of our survey came up with some rather interesting and even surprising results.

“You can buy almost anything at Braehead for a Father’s Day gift, but I’m afraid we couldn’t go as far as getting a dinner date with Cheryl Cole.

“Although, we’ve got several new restaurants opening soon and they would make a fantastic venue if we could organise that.

“I’m sure all dads will be delighted with whatever they get for Father’s Day this year. After all, it’s the thought that counts.”


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