Fat Buddha Offers DIYers Angelus Leather and Suede Dye Range

Fat Buddha, Glasgow’s only street culture specialist, is offering DIYers a helping hand with their home improvements with its range of market leading Angelus leather and suede dyes.

Fat Buddha founder Leslie Docherty said: “Whether its restoring your favourite sofa or armchair, or customising a leather jacket or boots, Angelus leather paint is renowned as the number one brand in the market.

“The range consists of 61 different colours, which can be mixed to produce infinite variations, and we stock them all. We also offer finisher to ensure that your handiwork will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

“In addition to being the highest quality acrylic paint available, the Angelus range has been designed with in-built flexibility, which makes it resistant to cracking. It also has an anti-mildew property that contributes to a high quality, long-lasting finish.”

Fat Buddha is the only distributor of products for the custom leather market in Europe.

In addition to Angelus leather and suede dyes, Fat Buddha stocks everything from clothing, footwear, design-led books, urban vinyl toys and art supplies from its new second store at 73 St Vincent Street, Glasgow.


For further information please contact Leslie Docherty on tel 0141 332 2208

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Date 29th  June 11

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