Laser Hair Loss Clinic Launches Glasgow

Laser Hair Loss Clinic, leaders in laser therapy for hair restoration, marks its official opening on Thursday 28th July with the launch of the first no-needle alternative to BOTOX® in the heart of Glasgow city centre and a range of tempting introductory offers and discounts.

The revolutionary Mesotherapy treatment gives clients a natural look by treating the wrinkle, which is just under the skin, rather than the muscle.

Laser Hair Loss Clinic owner Humaira Choudhry, said: “Mesotherapy offers complete facial skincare using diamond tip abrasion, thermotherapy, ultrasound, cyrotherapy with clinical grade products to treat the dermolayers of the skin, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed after each session. It’s a highly effective treatment with instant results.”

In addition to mesotherapy, the Laser Hair Loss Clinic is the first in Scotland to introduce the Halo Elite, the world’s most advanced laser for hair restoration which, in addition to stopping hair loss, reverses this process by growing back hair healthier and thicker.

Mrs Choudhry, said, “Our revolutionary hair loss therapy not only stops hair loss, but reverses its course. Using technologically advanced laser therapy devices with proprietary therapeutic treatment protocols, we can stop and even reverse hair loss in many patients.

”We are fully aware of, and extremely sensitive to, the needs of all hair loss sufferers and our clinic is designed to provide a private, friendly environment. The advice, treatment and service we provide is totally confidential.”

Amongst the launch incentives available at the Laser Hair Loss Clinic is a 30% discount on 10 treatments, each treatment costing £75, whilst customers can also buy four treatments and receive one treatment free. Customers can receive a trial consultation and treatment on Thursday 28th July from 3 – 9 pm for £40.00.

Located in the heart of Glasgow city centre, Laser Hair Loss Clinic is situated next to Central Station at 111 Union Street, less than a five minute walk from Queen Street Station.


For further information please contact Humaira Choudhry on tel 0141 227 3933

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Date 28th July 2011

Contact: Susan Christie
Phone: 0141 561 4018