Scottish-based Business Offers Expert Online Advice for Couples in Crisis

Scotland-based business Borders Counselling has this week launched a new online advice service for couples. One of the first services of its kind Couple Therapy Online allows couples to consult an experienced relationship counsellor from the comfort of their own home.

Director Linda Pollitt explains “In many areas there is a long waiting list for relationship counselling, and in some areas there is no service available at all. Our service fills the gap by allowing clients to access expert advice immediately and cheaply. It also offers privacy and discretion.” Clients fill in a simple online form and receive an individualised expert reply within 24 hours.

The Borders team launched their new service after noticing a sharp increase in the number of couples seeking therapy. Expert relationship therapist Sarah Laing explains “In the current economic climate many couples are under tremendous pressure, weighed down by work stress, redundancy or job losses and all that that entails, as well as worries about debt. Many clients have told me that the strain of simply trying to pay the bills has taken a massive toll on their relationship. Money just isn't going as far, and many people are anxious about their job situation. It's little wonder that many couples are struggling. They find themselves arguing more and communicating less, and have very little time to simply enjoy each other's company.”

Linda comments “…all of our therapists are experts who can offer in-depth advice on sometimes difficult personal issues. We've already had a huge response from clients who are relieved to find our service – when a couple is in crisis they need immediate help. If they have to wait for weeks before they can see a therapist it might be too late.” But Linda also emphasises that the new advice service is not intended as a replacement for ongoing couple therapy “Our service offers a one-off consultation. For some couples, this might be all they need, but others will still benefit from longer-term work with a couple counsellor, for these couples our service can provide support in dealing with immediate issues, and they are then able to focus on longer-term issues once they begin work with a face-to-face couple counsellor.”

Couple Therapy Online allows clients to consult experts in a range of areas, including: relationship problems, family problems, sexual difficulties, separation or divorce, and dating advice.

Borders Counselling is a leading global provider of Online Counselling, Coaching and Therapy services.

Contact: Helen Wilson