Shear Genius

A student designer has come to the rescue of women who struggle to keep their legs hair-free during pregnancy.  

Jordan Scott (22), from Edinburgh, has designed an extension device that clips onto any normal razor to banish the straining caused by a burgeoning baby bump.

Jordan, who graduated in product design from Edinburgh Napier University this June, has just filed a patent for the product, which he came up with during his course.

The enterprising Scot now hopes to sell the sharp idea to a manufacturer, with the razor market worth an estimated £300m a year* in the UK alone.

Jordan said: “The razor extension idea was initially born from developing a solution for my heavily pregnant friend who said it was practically impossible to shave her legs.

“As the idea developed, it was clear that the extension could be used by a broad range of people, such as those with arthritis, back pain or obesity problems – not just pregnant women.

“Since then, I’ve been testing the product out and have received very positive feedback. And now that I have the patent, I can take the concept wider.”

Jordan is working closely with the Scottish Institute for Enterprise to get a special mould of the product made so that he can share the idea with manufacturers and online businesses.

He added: “The product design course at Edinburgh Napier encourages creativity but with an eye on real world application and business potential.

“The razor extension is unique in that it can be used with any best-selling razor which makes it extremely versatile. It would be brilliant to one day see it sitting on store shelves alongside the likes of Gillette and Wilkinson Sword products.”

Mother of four Siobhan Moyes (24), Jordan’s friend, who inspired the razor extension product said: “When you’re pregnant, you can lose part of your dignity having to ask your partner to do things for you.

“One day when Jordan was visiting me and I was pregnant with my twins, I made the passing comment that I’d like an extra pair of hands to help with the normal things I could no longer do because of my growing bump. This struck a chord with Jordan and kick started him developing the razor extension.

“It was when I was pregnant with my little boy Felix who is now four months old that I first used the prototype Jordan had developed and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It makes shaving my legs extremely easy.”

Jordan’s lecturer, Richard Firth, programme leader for product design at Edinburgh Napier University said: “We all knew Jordan had something good on his hands, even in the early stages of design, when it was just ideas on paper.

 “It’s a concept that could potentially work world-wide as it does have a distinct market. We wish him the best of luck in taking the product forward and are happy to provide support.”

*Marketing Week 2008

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