ParcelsPlease Announce New Discounted Postage Charges from Europe

Following an increase in interest in their international delivery services, the leading parcel company, ParcelsPlease has decided to cut the prices of their parcel deliveries to the UK, specifically for parcels from France and Germany. The move, which sees the cost of sending a 5kg parcel from France or Germany to the UK fall to just £12.50, will appeal to their large expatriate community in both of these countries, say ParcelsPlease.

Dawn Henderson, Marketing Executive for ParcelsPlease comments: “We are delighted to announce the price reduction of import services from France and Germany. With a large customer base in these countries, we understand the importance of being able to send parcels to the UK in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our French and German customers can now send their parcels to the UK from only £12.50 + VAT – a fantastic price coupled with first class service.”

The decision by ParcelsPlease to cut their prices has had a very positive reaction from their customers, in both Europe and the UK, and because ParcelsPlease prides itself on providing a cost-effective and reliable parcel delivery service that delivers door to door, parcel senders and recipients can be assured that their packages are in safe hands.

Dawn continues: “When we decided to cut our prices, we hoped that our customers would find this very useful and beneficial for them, and their loved ones. While this price change is still very recent, we've has some very positive feedback from our customers already, about the value of our cheap parcel delivery and we're starting to see more interest in our services to the UK, and more demand for our European parcel delivery services already, which is not only fantastic news for us, but also for our customers.”

About Parcels Please:

ParcelsPlease is the online trading name of Consolidated Carriers Ltd, known as CCL, which offers reliable mail delivery in the UK, Europe and worldwide. CCL – a complete logistics supermarket – has been operating in the logistics industry since 1999, and has moved over 10 million parcels to date.

Booking deliveries with ParcelsPlease and CCL means dealing with a company that knows the logistics industry inside out, and which shares contracts with the world's most reliable and competitive parcel carriers.

ParcelsPlease and CCL value everything from quality to responsibility, making up the first logistics company in the UK to achieve a carbon neutral footprint.

For more information about CCL, please visit our corporate website.



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