Google's New Sitelinks are a Welcomed Improvement – says UK SEO Agency, QueryClick

During the month of August Google introduced their new and improved sitelinks that appear within the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It was found being tested within the SERPs weeks before the changes were made official so many already knew the changes that were to come.

As explained by Google the overall aim is to “improve the organisation and quality of our search results”. Which is always an on-going process with tweaks and changes being seen on a frequent basis.

The new and improved sitelinks within the SERPs have been drastically changed and updated. Each sitelink is much clearer than before and includes a link, URL and a line of snippet text. Google have also stated that with the new improved sitelinks comes greater visibility, flexibility, clarity and quality.

A spokesperson from a leading SEO company in the UK, QueryClick, has commented: “The recent changes have made a big impact on how the first page within the SERP's are displayed for brand and navigational searches. These changes make having a well structured site even more important to ensure that the most relevant results are displayed for navigational searches for your brand combined with a search term.”

Google also confirmed that sitelinks from a ranking perspective have no separation between regular results and sitelinks any more. This has created greater clarity within the SERPs because all other results will be different to the top ranking result domain. Therefore the sitelinks will be a compilation of the previous top ranking webpages that would have appeared within the SERPs as an individual listing.

The spokesperson from QueryClick was encouraged with the changes made and commented further: “ The SERPs are muchmore relevant for brand searches where the user intent is clear. asthe sitelinks are larger and will move many results below the fold there will definitely be increased competition within markets who try to optimise for competitor brands like the price comparison market.”

Because sitelinks will now vary over time and by query there may be a certain links that will be shown or could be shown which can be considered inappropriate or irrelevant, so it is now possible within the Webmaster Tools to suggest a demotion to your sitelinks. Allowing a maximum of 100 demotions per site.

The new and improved sitelinks are only available to all modern browsers such as Chrome, IE and Firefox.

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