Cheap International Calls Provider, Firstnumber, Aim to Help Fans Avoid Large Phone Bills During Rugby World Cup

UK based cheap international call provider Firstnumber are reaching out to all rugby fans – including their friends and families – to help prevent exorbitant phone call bills to and from New Zealand whilst friends and family attend the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

While New Zealand will be expecting an in flux of visitor from all over the UK and the rest of the world to witness one of the greatest sporting events, many of the visitors may be underestimating the requirement to keep on top of their tariffs and data charges whilst abroad, and what will be the best way to stay in touch with family and friends for the duration of their stay, says Firstnumber.

With fans travelling to the event from around the globe, it is important that they are able to keep in touch with relatives and fellow fans back home without amassing a hefty phone bill. The importance therefore of the ability to make cheap calls to Australia, France, or anywhere else is paramount during the World Cup.

A recent survey carried out by Ofcom, covering the Communications Market for August 2011, has discovered that over the past 12 months there has been huge growth in smartphone take-up, which now means that over a quarter of UK adults are smartphone users. The study also concluded that phone call and text message usage is far higher for smartphone users than those who own a standard mobile phone, with 81% of smartphone owners making and receiving calls on their mobile every day, as opposed to 53% for standard mobile phone users.

A spokesperson from cheap international calls provider , Firstnumber said: “With such large numbers using their mobile phones to such an extent it is now more important than ever when travelling abroad for every smartphone user to have checked their terms and conditions before departure.

“If your current tariff and data charges do not allow for low cost calls and texts then considering using other ways to communicate in a more cost effective way. For example, providing family and friends who are in the UK with direct dial access codes allows them to reach you without spending a small fortune on call costs.”

Direct dial access codes work by placing a designated code in front of the number you wish to call. The code then applies a discounted rate allowing users to call destinations such as Australia, USA, France and Poland for as little as 1 pence per minute. Most importantly allowing for cheap calls to New Zealand to help keep in touch and saving money when calling from the UK.

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