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In advance of Children’s Book Week (3-9 October 2011), the Inverness branch of Rearo, Scotland’s leading suppliers of household shower panels and kitchen worktops, is offering every nursery school in Inverness the opportunity to have a custom-made kiddies’ rocking chair for their reading corner, free of charge.

With the national book week in mind, Rearo have devised specially created rocking chairs, exclusively designed for the very youngest readers.

Rearo MD, Graham Mercer comments;

‘Whilst Children’s Book Week is aimed at primary school youngsters, as a dad of five, I appreciate that, for children, reading from an early age is extremely important to their development. Even my youngest child Maggie, who’s just 18 months old, is a real bookworm. It was with this in mind that we designed these unique little rocking chairs with the Under 5s.’

These ‘not for sale’ rocking chairs are available to all state and privately registered nursery schools in Inverness. Head teachers should contact Rearo’s Inverness branch (located on Burnett Road) by calling 01463 239 918, to arrange delivery with manager, Jennifer Simpson.


Attached is image of MD, Graham Mercer’s youngest daughter Maggie, in one of the rocking chairs which are available free of charge, to celebrate Children’s Book Week.

Contact: Mary-Jo Devlin