Contractors Still in Demand after AWR Implementation

The 1st of October 2011 saw the introduction of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR). To help highlight the importance and awareness of the implementation date, there was a much required push to help educate those affected, with many leading groups collaborating and ensuring that there was maximum exposure towards the deadline date.

The AWR, also known as the Agency Workers Directive (AWD), is a piece of legislation that entitles an agency worker to the same basic working and employment conditions as would have been received if directly employed by the company, therefore giving all agency workers day one rights through to entitlements after twelve weeks.

UK's leading umbrella company Tarpon believe that the introduction of the AWR will not affect the demand for agency workers and others involved. According to the latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation's (REC) JobsOutlook Report, the legislation offers a positive outlook with 83% of employers polled intending to retain or increase their temporary staff over the next three months, with 86% planning to increase or maintain levels over the next 12 months.

A spokesperson from Tarpon has stated that:

“At Tarpon we offer our employee's a genuine employment solution that offers entitlement to a full-time, permanent employment contract, creating a problem free solution for contractors. As a company we are proud to offer 100% protection against any employment law and tax challenges.”

Kevin Green, Chief Executive of REC confirms that although the 1st of October was a milestone, “the AWR implementation will be an ongoing process.”

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