Pop princess Cheryl Cole has ignited a rush of students to enroll in hairdressing courses due to her ever changing hair styles.

On interviewing for places, course tutors at Edinburgh’s Telford College reported a shift in what motivates students to apply for places on its popular hairdressing courses.

Celebrated as the nation’s sweetheart, Cole is the face of well known hair product brand, which is a high profile contract ensuring her glossy mane is constantly being restyled for pubic admiration.

Only recently a well known brand enrolled Cheryl to be the face of a series of adverts for the brand’s leading hair spray. 

The adverts see Cheryl sporting three different looks complemented by a range of video clips which demonstrate the techniques used to create the signature styles.

However, in reality these styles are more difficult to create at home without the help of a professional stylist.  The students are eager to learn how to emulate the styles using a more practical approach with the help of a dedicated tutor.

Rosemary Martin, hairdressing lecturer at Edinburgh’s Telford College said: “These courses have always been popular but there seems to be a celebrity inspired trend motivating our students at the moment.  From speaking to the current students it’s apparent that Cheryl Cole and her changing image is a particular inspiration.

“My learners are dying to know the industry secrets used to create some of the styles, which are often quite simple. This makes my job very easy because the learners are so passionate and dedicated.”

Samantha Anthony,18,  who is currently studying SVQ2 hairdressing said: “I absolutely love Cheryl Cole.  She has had a real selection of different hair styles, most of which I’ve tried to copy but sometimes I don’t know how to get it dead on. 

“Getting your hair cut and coloured is great for an instant fix at the salon but when it comes to day to day maintenance or styling, it’s great to be able to get creative on your own.  

“Celebrity culture has a big influence on me and knowing the industry short-cuts is a great skill to have. We’re learning so much at the College because the lecturers are so up to date on what’s fashionable. My friends are constantly asking me to style their hair before a night out, but I don’t mind because it lets me practice.”

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