Government Set to Create More Job Opportunities for Umbrella Company Contractors Through Project-Specific Bonds

Umbrella Company Tarpon, a company specialising in contractor tax efficiency, are encouraged by the recent report in the Independent that suggests the government is set to create more opportunities for contractors working through an umbrella company. The proposals are believed to have been put forward at a meeting between the Chancellor, the Confederation of British Industry, and Infrastructure UK.

The report clearly states that the Chancellor, George Osborne, is considering introducing “project-specific bonds”, in an attempt to improve the country's infrastructure and stimulate the weakening economy by boosting private sector investment and therefore increasing job numbers, without increasing government spending.

A spokesperson from Tarpon has said:

“Any news that shows there will be future job opportunities for contractors is always going to be received well. With job cuts being taken in many industries across the UK it's comforting to know that the government is looking to bolster the country's infrastructure.

“It remains vital that umbrella companies continue to play an important role for contractors by providing an efficient and professional service in processing contractor payrolls.”

A source who attended the meeting has been quoted by the Independent as saying:

“The chancellor wants us to help him with what can be done from the dispatch box without prejudicing our AAA credit rating. I, and others, advocated to the chancellor project-specific bonds.”

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