Sts Digital Calls on Revolver's Digital Expertise for Communications and PR Support

Leading mobile, technology management solution and business consultants Sts Digital has enlisted award-winning digital PR experts Revolver PR, to provide an integrated range of key press and public relations services across the offline and digital spectrum.

Helping companies engage with new technologies and integrate appropriate solutions into their existing business processes, Sts Digital works with a wide range of industries and sectors to navigate the digital sphere, optimise business productivity and performance, and establish enhanced security and user policies.

Revolver, Scotland’s leading digital PRagency will provide Sts Digital with a complete range of digital media communications support, with the overall objective to raise awareness of the company's service offering. This currently focuses heavily upon offering businesses a total solution for effective mobility management, including supplying end user adoption programmes, mobile and tablet security and user policies, alongside expert consultancy, strategic planning and software solutions to ensure the successful and safe use of mobile and tablet devices throughout an organisation’s framework.

“This is a fantastic chapter in the development of our services and we look forward to working with Revolver in order to increase the visibility of our training, management and consultancy programmes. With a growing number of large and small businesses identifying the benefits and savings to be made via effective management and implementation of innovative mobile technology developments, we expect to see rapid growth in this sector over the next 12 months. I'm confident that the team at Revolver will deliver results which support my business strategy moving forward,” said David Coleman, MD at Sts Digital.

Leading experts in digital communications and content marketing, Revolver is suitably positioned to strengthen Sts Digital's corporate profile as a trusted provider of integrated mobile device technology training and management solutions and consultancy services that will ultimately advance the productivity of business clients. Harnessing the team's expertise and continued involvement in championing many of the pioneering companies to emerge from the technology and digital industries, Revolver will support Sts Digital by way of a comprehensive online and offline media campaign.

“Sts Digital is a highly ambitious company and it's fantastic to be part of this exciting growth period. As a strategic business partner of leading telecoms providers such as Rim and O2, Sts Digital is a successful addition to the throng of innovative digital technology companies to come out of Scotland and we're thrilled to be working with them closely to position the company effectively,” said Iain S Bruce, Managing Director, Revolver PR.

Contact: Helen Reid
Phone: 0845 130 8992