Like Mona Lisa Almost 500 Years ago, Follow Leonardo Da Vinci to the Loire Valley and the Clos Luc

After hours spent day dreaming in front of the National Gallery’s exhibition, enter into Da Vinci’s only home and discover its futuristic prototypes.

Leonardo’s talents were not limited to the paintings we know and love, he was also a genius inventor.

During the last three years of his life in France where Francis I invited him to the Clos Lucé castle, he developed the technical projects he cherished.

Newly restored, (and reopened since 15th April) the classified monument houses an unconventional permanent exhibition dedicated to a large collection of Da Vinci’s inventions.

The garden is also an open-air museum hosting real-life mock ups of 20 inventions that you can actually try. Experiment for example with the turning bridge, Da Vinci’s boat – ancestor of the pedalo – or his infamous helicopter. Not forgetting his botanical studies which have been carefully recreated.

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At the same time don’t miss popping up to visit his tomb in the Chapel of the Chateau Royal d’Amboise just a few minutes’ walk from the place he found real peace.

You can watch the video of our visit to the Clos Lucé on YouTube

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