Couriers Christmas Commitment

One of Scotland’s biggest independent courier firms has stepped up their man power by employing new staff during the treacherous Christmas shopping period.

Eagle Couriers has employed new staff across various departments including more delivery drivers and staff within the operational departments.

The firm which operates from bases in Glasgow, Bathgate and Edinburgh has stated that their delivery services have remained highly efficient despite reports of courier firms predicting Christmas chaos and already struggling to cope.

Jerry Stewart, one of the directors at the firm said: “We’ve increased our fleet by 16% and employed more staff within the operational departments so we can stay on top of everything from deliveries to order placements and general enquiries which are equally vital to ensure the smooth running of the company.

“I’ve been in this business for 30 years so I have plenty experience in preparing the company for periods which may be challenging for everyone, so I’m confident that we can provide a reliable service for our customers.”

In addition to the delivery order increase, is the concern that oncoming severe winter conditions could prevent courier firms from delivering parcels in time for Christmas.

Last year saw heavy rounds of snowfall affect the transport industry massively, with Eagle Couriers reporting that the firm was almost ground to a halt due to road obstructions and closures.

Jerry added: “Last year was a nightmare but Transport Scotland has learnt from their mistakes and are reportedly more organised for onslaughts of bad weather.

“There has been some snow fall in Glasgow but all our couriers have winter packs which enable us to maintain our high levels of performance so we have been unaffected by the winter weather so far.”

Eagle Couriers runs a fleet of 100 vehicles operating from bases in Glasgow, Bathgate and Edinburgh.  The company has almost 30 years’ experience providing safe and quick logistics services to organisations across the private, public and third sectors as well as working directly with consumers.  

Since the widespread panic caused by last year’s severe weather conditions, Eagle Couriers is adding a public service to its remit by sending Facebook and Twitter updates alerting motorists about what’s happening on Scotland’s major roads ahead of traffic updates.

For further information on Eagle Couriers visit the company’s website at or call a member of the team on 0845 123 1230.

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