Water Experts Celebrate First U.S. Distribution Deal

Water quality engineering firm Panton McLeod has announced the first partnership distribution deal for its Pantonite cleaning products in the United States. 

The firm’s U.S. division, Panton McLeod Americas, has signed an agreement with Massachusetts-headquartered water services company Maher Services, which will see its Pantonite products used to clean water storage facilities, stripping towers and wells across the New England and New York states.

Under the deal, Maher Services will be the first regional U.S. distribution partner for the DWI and NSF-certified Pantonite products, which are designed to remove iron and manganese biofouling from water storage structures including towers, tanks and wells.

The Pantonite products are similar to the PM cleaning materials that Panton McLeod currently provides in the UK water sector and which are used to clean water storage facilities and tanks for major utility firms including Scottish Water and Severn Trent Water. 

The U.S. agreement means that Maher Services will have exclusive distribution and usage rights for Pantonite throughout the Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York region.

Panton McLeod expects the partnership deal with Maher Services to be the first step in its strategic vision for the U.S. Iain Weir, President of Panton McLeod Americas, said: “We’re delighted to have agreed this partnership with Maher Services and look forward to seeing our cleaning products in action across the New York and New England states.

Jim W Panton, chairman and CEO of the Panton McLeod Group, said: “When we set up our US division, our mission was to bring these products into the American water industry and to show companies how good they are. Our vision is to see Pantonite become the standard product for cleaning water storage tanks, stripping towers, wells and other facilities across the whole of the country.

“We’re very pleased Maher Services has seen the potential of these products. The company is a very well respected and recognised water industry provider in the U.S, so to have them endorsing and supplying Pantonite as our official regional distribution partner is a real coup.

“We look forward to working with them to further establish the reputation of Pantonite and to grow our influence across America in the coming years.”

Panton McLeod Americas has previously trialled the Pantonite cleaning products in tests for clients across the United States and has received positive feedback from water industry experts at a number of trade shows across the continent in recent years.

Robert Maher, from Maher Services, said: “We were very impressed with the Pantonite products when we first saw them, and immediately recognised their potential for the U.S. water sector. They provide a faster and more efficient way to clean stripping towers, wells and other water storage structures – leaving them as clean as possible, so they can operate efficiently and deliver the purest supplies of water

“The products are also less hazardous for staff who disinfect and clean these facilities. They are just as effective as other products that use high levels of chlorine but are less irritating to the skin, so there is a real occupational health benefit from using them.

“We’re pleased to have agreed this deal with Panton McLeod Americas, which we hope will be the start of a long association between our two companies.”

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