Korean Martial Art Therapy Arrives in Europe

An accomplished martial arts expert has launched a new physio treatment based on his combat skills – and his Scottish treatment centre is the first of its type in Europe.

Chongsu Lee spent 15 years mastering the Ki-Gong martial art discipline in his native South Korea before being inspired to develop an innovative new form of physio treatment.

Now Chongsu is offering his Ki Therapy at the Korean Physiotherapy Clinic in Edinburgh’s New Town and has already seen patients report startling results, confirming his own experiences after using the technique to overcome his own long-term health problems.

He started practicing Ki-Gong martial arts after his childhood was blighted by a series of major health issues, including one bout of illness which almost killed him.

He said: “Growing up in South Korea, much of my childhood was taken up by doctor’s appointments and long hospital stays because I suffered from severe pancreatitis.

“For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas which leaves the sufferer in a great deal of pain and can in some cases be fatal.

“After taking what seemed like an endless list of prescribed drugs from age eight – none of which made any difference to my health – at age 18 my family suggested that it would be a good idea to start practicing Ki-Gong martial arts.

“This particular combat technique is widely celebrated in the Far East because people there believe it has strong healing powers. Thankfully their belief was right. After practicing Ki-Gong for only a short time, I started to notice a huge difference in my physical and mental state. It really was a miracle cure for me.

“Then it got me thinking, if it helped me, it can help others too.  And if I utilised my skills using a combination of physiotherapy and Ki-Gong, I could really make a difference to people like me.”

Chongsu created his technique by combining Western physiotherapy techniques with Ki-Gong skills. The Korean martial art technique requires both physical and mental skills. 

Ki Therapy is an all encompassing treatment which positively influences muscle tissue, but it improves function in the respiratory system, in main organs, joints, digestive system and even heart functions, ensuring every part of the body is treated.

Chongsu added: “Having worked in the motor trade business in South Korea for most of my adult life, I knew I would have to go back to education to become a qualified physio, so that’s what I did. I enrolled at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh where I gained an MSc in Physiotherapy.

“On passing my course, I met with Sir Tom Farmer, the Chancellor at Queen Margaret University, because he had heard about my story and really believed in what I was doing.

“Since then, I have never looked back.  I have 100 percent confidence in my Ki Therapy and I am so proud to be in a position to help people like me who have to go about their lives in unnecessary pain.”

Chongsu’s style involves a great deal of discipline. When working on patients, his posture, hand movement, abdominal breathing and mental tranquillity must align in order to improve the patient’s health problems.

Placing his hands on the main problem area, Chongsu enters a trancelike state harnessing energy which generates enough heat to put the patient to sleep.   Once sleeping, blood flow is increased which then allows him to pinpoint the main energy points.

Ki Therapy acts directly upon areas of issues anywhere in the body to assist in improving function. The treatment sees the practitioner gently ‘rock and roll’ the body.

By attentively tuning into the body, Chongsu identifies the affected area and thereafter induces the natural healing process. Ki Therapy has the power to detoxify the entire body, whilst having a calming effect on the mind and emotions.

Since the Clinic opened its doors in February this year, Chongsu has been treating around 350 of patients on a regular basis.

Located on 8 Albany Street, Edinburgh the Korean Physiotherapy Clinic has a variety of treatments available including physiotherapy, Ki therapy and wellness massage. A session of Ki therapy  lasts 50 minutes and costs £55.

For further information about this revolutionary new treatment, visit the www.koreanphysiotherapyclinic.co.uk or call 0131 473 2333.

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