Sir Tom Farmer and Martial Arts Expert Unite to Combat Scotland

An accomplished martial arts expert has launched a new physio treatment inspired by his combat skills after impressing Scotland’s most successful businessman, Sir Tom Farmer.

Chongsu Lee, owner and sole practitioner of the Korean Physiotherapy Clinic in Edinburgh – the   first of its kind in Europe – invested £34,000 into the company after listening to a motivational speech from Sir Tom Farmer when Chongsu graduated from Queen Margaret University in 2009.

Hailing from South Korea, Chongsu is the first person in Europe to offer the Ki-Gong Hands-On method which is a unique combination of martial arts and traditional physiotherapy that provides highly effective relief for a variety of physical ailments.

Since the Clinic opened its doors in February this year, Chongsu has been treating around 350 of patients on a regular basis using this Ki-Gong technique.  Included in his client base is Dunfermline Athletic FC where he plays a crucial role in getting the Under 19s youth players fit using his powerful hands-on approach.

Ki-Gong hands-on method, key characteristic of both physiotherapy and Ki therapy services at the Korean Physiotherapy Clinic, is an all encompassing treatment technique which positively influences muscle tissue, and improves function in the respiratory system, in main organs, joints, digestive system and even heart functions, ensuring every part of the body is treated.

Chongsu Lee said: “I want to be known as the best physiotherapist in Europe and hope that with my compassion and competency I can help many people throughout Scotland and beyond have a better quality of life.

“I spent 15 years mastering the Ki-Gong martial art discipline in my native South Korea which inspired me to develop a new form of physio treatment after I overcame my own health issues through practising Ki-Gong.

“I fell in love with Edinburgh when I came to study here.  I felt this city was a good base to start my business because it’s renowned for its health care and is a leader in the field of medicine.  If I can prove myself in Edinburgh then I can go any where in the world with confidence.”

It was through studying at Queen Margaret University that Chongsu Lee became acquainted with Sir Tom Farmer, founding Chancellor of Queen Margaret University and successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Chongsu continued: “The entrepreneurial spirit Sir Tom Farmer displayed at my graduation ceremony was a huge inspiration for me.  He taught me that age doesn’t matter and if you are good at what you do and have determination you will succeed.

“He came to my launch night in February which was a huge honour.  I felt it was important that he attended because it was him who inspired me to start my business”.

The rising popularity of the clinic has given Chongsu the opportunity to treat a variety of ailments from sports injuries to chronic conditions, such as M.E., Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, etc. with significantly high success rates.

As the Clinic’s popularity continues to grow, Chongsu is predicting a healthy turnover of £70,000 in year one, and £100,000 in year two.

Should the business continue on its predicted path, the confident businessman expects to become the physiotherapist of choice for many of Britain’s top athletes, which will finally allow him to realise his goal of opening a clinic at a coveted Harley Street address in London.

Sir Tom Farmer is confident that Chongsu Lee’s new technique will result in him being a big success in the physiotherapy industry.

He said: “He wanted advice on how to open his first business venture. I encouraged him to follow his dream of establishing himself as the best physiotherapist in Europe because I believe that he can do it. 

“Chongsu has something truly distinctive to offer and I was impressed by his determination to open a business during a tough economic climate which I thought showed his sense of self-belief, courage and his “can do” attitude which is so important when starting out in business.

“I have no doubt that he will be a great success and many people will benefit from what he has to offer.  He’ll definitely be the first person I go to for any physical injuries and one who I will recommend to my family and friends.”

For further information on the treatments available at Korean Physiotherapy Clinic (8 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3QB), contact Chongsu Lee on 0131 473 2333 or alternatively visit

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