Yellow Submarines Keep the Water Clean

Water quality engineering firm Panton McLeod has taken a significant step forward towards expanding its innovative robotic division after purchasing a pair of state-of-the-art underwater inspection machines.

The firm has invested in the new robots – which they have affectionately named “Ringo” and “Macca” due to the fact that they resemble the yellow submarines from the hit Beatles single – in order to meet the rising demand for inspection projects using its underwater robotic division across the UK water sector.

The machines are used by Panton McLeod to inspect huge underground water storage tanks and facilities throughout the country, many of which hold millions of litres of fresh drinking water before it is sent to customers’ taps.

Thanks to their innovative design, the ROVs can be deployed to inspect the facilities while they are still in service and online – meaning there is no need to drain the tanks first and risk potential disruption to customers’ supplies.

Iain Weir Chief Operating Officer at Panton McLeod said: “We’re absolutely delighted with the success and progression of our underwater robotic division. The machines are becoming a major fixture of our work in the UK water industry and we regularly use them for inspecting strategic facilities throughout the country.

“We’ve been securing an increasing number of inspection projects in recent years, so investing in new vehicles was a vitally important part of taking our underwater division forward in order to accept more contracts and explore a wider variety of projects.

“When we first took delivery of the new robots, the team was delighted with the fact that they were yellow submarines and quickly nicknamed them after the two surviving Beatles. We’re now looking forward to deploying Ringo and Macca throughout the UK and are confident that the new machines will help maintain the highest quality drinking water supplies for households throughout the country.”

The ROVs can be manoeuvred like a submarine and are primarily used to inspect the condition of water storage facilities while they are still online and check for damage. Each machine is meticulously disinfected before being deployed into facilities, meaning there is no risk to the quality of water supplies.

Panton McLeod also use a separate VR600 tracked machine in its underwater division, which is a larger robot that can be manoeuvred along the floor of any water storage structure and removes any sediment build up on the floor of these facilities. Like the ROVs, the VR600 can also be used to inspect the condition of huge underground water tanks, known as storage reservoirs, including checking the walls and interior of the facilities for corrosion or damage.

Borders-based Panton McLeod is the UK’s leading water quality engineering company and provides high profile cleaning and inspection work across the UK, in addition to pipeline and repairs services for many of the country’s major utility companies including Scottish Water and Severn Trent Water.

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