Firstnumber Encourage Consumers to Continue to Look at Other Potential Methods of Communication to Save Money

With technology advancing at an exponential rate and mobile phones becoming smarter, traditional communication methods such as texting and making phone calls are becoming less important, with many other alternatives available to smartphone users.

According to Reuters, consumers are turning to low cost alternatives such as BlackBerry Messenger, Imessenger and Facebook's mobile messaging services. In turn causing many mobile operators to lose a valuable source of income, as instead of being charged per message mobile data is being used instead.

The rise of Social media has also shared the blame for the reduction in the number of people using SMS, with Facebook and Twitter allowing for increased levels of connectivity to friends and family.

By understanding the profit companies are making from SMS it's understandable why they are concerned. For example, SMS currently generates around £640 for every megabyte of data transmitted. And according to Craig Moffett, an analyst for Sanford Bernstein, this revenue is considered “100 percent profit”.

A spokesperson from, cheap international calls company, Firstnumber comments:

“With everyone having to cut back here and there, making savings wherever possible can make a huge difference. Consumers are finally realising that money can be saved and therefore are taking action.

“The way society is moving, it's clear that demand for mobile data will continue to rise, which no doubt will involve new products and services allowing for new and innovative ways to communicate being developed.

“Here at Firstnumber we live and breath cheap international calls, offering a service that lets you make cheap calls to hundred of countries worldwide from the UK. With cheap calls to South Africa, Germany, France and India costing from as little as 1p per minute from any UK land line and mobile phone.”

There's no longer any reason for mobile phone users to receive large monthly bills for calling or texting family and friends who live overseas. With calls costing from as little as 1p per minute, surprise your loved ones and give more than a Facebook message or Tweet this year.

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