Cheap International Calls Provider, Firstnumber, Comments on EU Proposal

Proposed EU regulation aimed at lowering the price ceiling on international mobile calls has prompted the following comment from a spokesperson from cheap international calls provider, Firstnumber, who says:

“We at Firstnumber are proud to offer consumers within the UK the ability to make cheap calls to over 500 countries from within the UK. Regardless of being made through a landline or mobile phone. Users can get calls starting from as little as 1p per minute on both landline and mobile to many international countries.”

“Although the proposed legislation is being fought by the Telecom providers – and understandably so – it's time that consumers were given priority. Many have fallen victim to high bills by making international calls from their mobiles, a problem that should never occur and a cap to outgoing calls and data use will definitely be welcomed.”

Neelie Kroes, the European Commissioner who is in charge of the digital agenda, proposed a reform of the roaming regulation last year, with the aim of levelling prices of mobile phone calls passed abroad with national tariffs; otherwise known as the roaming regulation. 

Kroes' proposal had the intentions of reducing the cap on outgoing calls to 24 cents by 2014. Along with the proposal put forward by Kroes, Angelika Niebler, MEP of European People's Party, has proposed to bring down the ceiling to 15 cents by the same date.

The next steps of the proposed roaming regulation will take place in April, 2012, where the European parliament will adopt final amendments to the Kroes plan.

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