Money Making Martial Arts Mix

A unique Scots company that operates the ultimate in a hands-on approach to business is set to expand after demand soared for its services.

Korean Physiotherapy Clinic, which mixes martial arts and traditional physiotherapy techniques, expects to double turnover as increased numbers of patients come forward for its distinct treatments. 

Korean-born founder Chongsu Lee specialises in Ki-Gong-Hands-On therapy – a physiotherapy technique that infuses elements of the Korean Ki-Gong martial art discipline which offers exceptional benefits from people suffering from a range of conditions.

With no formal business background but a passion for bringing the Ki-Gong-Hands-On method to life, Chongsu was inspired to set up his business a year ago after listening to a motivational speech from Sir Tom Farmer, when he graduated in physiotherapy from Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University in 2009.

Now the practitioner has more than 400 clients including Dunfermline Athletic FC’s Under 19 team in his portfolio and has recruited his first staff to cope with the rising demand for his powerful hands on therapy approach.

Chongsu said: “It has been a fantastic first year for me, much better than I ever could have imagined. Not only has the turnover been astounding, but the response from patients has been just as pleasing.

“This shows that if you have a passion for something, you can make it into a business success.

“My method is totally unique and no other clinic in the UK or Europe offers anything quite like it. 

“I wanted to open doors with my treatment and provide relief for people suffering from every kind of muscular ailment, from sports injuries to chronic conditions such as MS. 

“It is an overwhelming feeling when clients tell me they have been able to carry on with their normal day lives or pursue an activity which they may not have been able to do if they hadn’t sought treatment.

“Such has been the response to the clinic that I’ve had to employ another member of staff. This will undoubtedly help the business to expand and help me reach the ambitious targets for the year ahead – as well as obviously offering a higher quality service to my patients.”

Launched in February 2011 the clinic recorded sales of more than £60,000 in its first 12 months and expects to double this to turn over £120,000 in the year ahead.

New practitioner Michael Pomietlarz, 25, from Bielsko-Biala, Poland will provide massage treatments on Sundays and Mondays and also fulfil the role of clinic manager responding to client’s enquiries during these days.

Chongsu adds: “Michael is a martial art champion in Poland and has trained in various martial-arts of Karate-Shotokan, Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Karate Kyokushin for around seven years.

“He has been doing massage in Hungary and Croatia and after coming to my clinic to treat back pain in his lower back he was impressed by my martial-art inspired method and with me looking for new staff that can offer a service and look after the clinic, it was the perfect opportunity.”

Ki-Gong hands-on method is an all encompassing treatment technique which positively influences muscle tissue, and improves function in the respiratory system, in main organs, joints, digestive system and even heart functions, ensuring every part of the body is treated

Chongsu Lee hopes to reach top UK athletes by offering his unique treatment methods including premier league football teams in the UK.

Located on 8 Albany Street, Edinburgh the Korean Physiotherapy Clinic has a variety of treatments available including physiotherapy, Ki therapy and wellness massage. A session of Ki therapy lasts 50 minutes and costs £55.

For further information about this revolutionary new treatment, visit the or call 0131 473 2333

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