Agency Workers' Regulations has Little Impact on Umbrella Contractors, says Tarpon

Umbrella company Tarpon are not surprised by the recent news released by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), who act as the voice of the recruitment industry. Who have confirmed that the introduction of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) has not affected the hiring of temporary workers, including umbrella contractors.

As of October 2011, legislation known as the AWR was introduced. This new legislation ensures every agency worker the right to be entitled to the same basic working and employment conditions currently being given to similar permanent employee's, after a qualifying period being 12 weeks. Ultimately enforcing equal treatment for all agency workers.

The REC's latest report on Jobs revealed that although temporary staff billings were down slightly, saw encouraging growth during December.

Kevin Green, the Chief Executive at the REC stated – “This confirms that there is still little evidence that the Agency Workers Regulations have had a significant impact on hiring and employers are still making considerable use of flexible working arrangements.”

A spokesperson from Tarpon comments:

We've always believed in offering our employees a genuine 'employment solution' that offers entitlement to a full-time, permanent employment contract, creating a problem free solution for contractors.”

We understand the complexities involved when dealing with tax and HMRC compliance and are proud to be able to provide contractors and agencies with useful advice surrounding potential employment law and tax challenges.”

From the beginning and before the AWR was implemented, the UK's leading umbrella company Tarpon were certain that the introduction of the AWR would not affect the demand for agency workers within the UK and believe the future will hold many new opportunities for those contracting.

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