Fly on the Wire

Hot on the back of Tesco’s £50 iPad online pricing gaffe which occurred earlier this week, fly fishing retailer Flybox has also been forced to issue an apology to customers for a similar “technical” error which led to spools of their, normally conservatively priced, Micro Wire product being offered up for sale at a cool £3.6million.

The wire material sells to fly tying enthusiasts around the globe at its normal price of £2.50. However, despite the online retailer’s tongue in cheek commitment to give customers free postage and packaging, as well as honour any purchases made during the pricing glitch, they have strangely found themselves with no uptake on this unbeatable offer.

Company founder and keen flyfisher, Ian Christie, is devastated that he too has fallen victim to the same “technical” error that also befell the retail giant Tesco earlier this week.

One customer, Anders Lindgaard Hansen, sent a teasing response on the company’s Facebook post saying “ oho a very “cheap” wire I'll order but have to clear the transaction with my bank and wife LOL”

However, Ian hasn’t heard from him since and his dreams of early retirement and spending his days fishing have been crushed by the lack of interest on the offer. He has resolved to amend the error at the earliest opportunity.

In an official statement, he said “We always look to offer our customers unbeatable prices but unfortunately this is an IT error that is now being corrected. Every little helps.”

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