Women in Property Learn the Importance of Stress Management

Women in the property and construction industries have been learning the importance of stress management during a presentation by a leading health practitioner in Aberdeen.

Dr Shirley Kong of RS Occupational Health shared tips on how to control stress in the work place and explained stress management techniques to members of The Association of Women in Property at The Courtyard restaurant in Aberdeen recently.

After explaining the typical symptoms of stress, Dr Kong advised there is no quick way in dealing with the problem. She also explained the importance of time management which can have a great effect on reducing levels of stress. The importance of sharing problems with management in the work place was also explained during the presentation.

Dr Kong said: “Stress in the work place is a very serious issue that affects many people on a daily basis. By understanding the problem, and the ways it can be tackled, stress in the work place can be greatly reduced.”

Chairman of Women in Property Northern Scotland Natasha Douglas, said: “I am delighted that Dr Shirley Kong explained her stress reduction techniques during her presentation.

“I’ve learned that sharing problems with a line manager when you don’t have the time to complete a task to the best of your ability can greatly help in reducing stress levels.”

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