Glasgow Science Centre Tells Staff 'On your Bike' and Wins Award

Glasgow Science Centre has won an award for encouraging and supporting its staff to trade their car, bus or train journeys for a two-wheel commute to work. The Centre’s commitment to increasing staff trips by bike has been recognised by Glasgow Bike Station who presented the Centre with a Cycle Friendly Employer Award. 

Cycling to work has many advantages and Glasgow Science Centre has worked to ensure that its staff can reap the benefits. The Centre has a programme in place to help staff from buying a bike, getting on the road and helping with maintenance.

Fiona Sandliands, Human Resources Manager, said:

“Glasgow Science Centre does a lot to support staff who choose to cycle to work and we are very happy to be given this recognition. We help them to save money when buying any bikes or equipment through our cycle scheme, provide facilities within the building to make their commute easier including secure cycle parking, lockers and shower facilities and provide cycling route maps so staff can plan their journeys. We also offer free bike checkups with Dr Bike and are an active member of the Scottish Bicycle Users Group.

“Cycling is a great work out and has numerous health benefits and we are keen to support our employees in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. A happy and healthy work force is a great asset for the Centre.”

As well as the many health benefits associated with cycling to work, staff at the Centre are also having an impact on the environment by lowering their carbon footprint. The distance travelled by cycling staff varies from journeys lasting a few minutes to a 25 mile roundtrip.   

Dr Robin Hoyle, Director of Science at Glasgow Science Centre, cycles to the Centre from his home over 12 miles away:

“Cycling is the third most popular recreation activity in the UK and it’s a form of transport so people can do something they enjoy, have a fantastic work out, avoid the hustle and bustle of the rush hour commute, help the environment and save money whilst making the journey to work. It is a great mode of transport but there is also a scientific reason to why people should try to cycle to work.

“When you exercise, in this instance by choosing to cycle to your workplace, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins produce a feeling of wellbeing, security and serenity. What a great feeling to have at the beginning of the working day or to clear your head at the end.”

Glasgow Science Centre will also be asking its visitors to get active this summer with Energise programme of activities. From May, visitors will be able to play with a new set of interactive exhibits where they can try wall climbing, race Scaletrix cars using power they generate, beat a speedtrap and lots more. Plus there will be a host of special events that will see acrobats, ballerinas, street dancers, cheerleaders, paralympians visiting the visitor attraction.  For more information on Energise and Glasgow Science Centre call 01401 420 5000 or visit 

Contact: Sharon Lyons
Phone: 0141 420 5010 ext 303