Tool Donations to Help Enterprise in Africa

Ellon Rotary Club have delivered two trailer loads of old tools to Camphill School Aberdeen, where they will be refurbished before being assembled into tool kits and sent to Africa by the Tools for Self Reliance charity.

Ellon Rotary Club, Tools for Self Reliance project leader Ian Morris says:

“This is a very popular scheme and the tools just keep coming. The people who donate tools are often at a loss what to do with them, but they do want them to go to a good home. So they are delighted to hear they can be refurbished and reused in Africa.

“As a rotary club, we quite often undertake projects where we have to ask people to put their hands in their pockets. The great thing about this scheme is that it costs people nothing to support it, but it benefits both Camphill School Aberdeen and the final recipients in Africa.”

Tillman Reinardy, who co-ordinates the project at Camphill School Aberdeen, adds:

“The Tools for Self Reliance project is used to teach life skills and give work experience to students in their final year at Camphill School Aberdeen. Once the tools are refurbished they are put together in kits, before being sent to Tools for Self Reliance.

“Each kit which is sent away has a description of the group involved in its preparation, so that the people who eventually receive the tools can see exactly where they have come from. Often, the villages which receive the tools write back thanking us for what we’ve been able to send, and explaining just how they have been able to make a difference.

“We really enjoy being able to do something for other people in this way. It’s a real morale boost for everyone to see evidence of how our work is helping people in other parts of the world.

“Everything is recycled. Even if the tools cannot be refurbished they can be prepared for scrap. Last year, between the tools workshops and other workshops, we collected a skip of scrap materials which raised £1,029. We were able to give that money to Tools for Self Reliance to help towards the shipping costs to take the tools to Africa.”

Ellon Rotary Club have been supporting the Tools for Self Reliance project at Camphill School Aberdeen for about ten years. The school’s project has been running longer and will be celebrating its 20th year in August.

Camphill School Aberdeen is one of seven Camphill charities that make up Camphill Aberdeen City and Shire, providing opportunities for children, young people, adults and the elderly who have additional support needs.

More than 700 people live and work with these Camphill Aberdeen City and Shire Charities. Internationally, Camphill has grown since its foundation in Aberdeen in 1940 and there are now more than 100 Camphill centres in 23 countries.


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