Leading UK Umbrella Company Encouraged by Latest Employment Outlook Study

Tarpon, a leading UK umbrella company who specialise in contractor tax efficiency believe the recent Employment Outlook survey, conducted by the ManpowerGroup, has given hope and encouragement for all those currently contracting in the UK.

The survey conducted by the ManpowerGroup, a global leader in contingent and permanent recruitment workforce solutions, was strictly focussed on the third quarter of 2012. Executed by interviewing a sample of 2,102 employers in the UK, the report demonstarted that despite the current inevitability of further economic problems that lie ahead, UK employers are recruiting.

This is proven by the survey concluding that nine per cent of employers expect to increase staffing levels, whereas six per cent have forecast a decrease. This leaves 82 per cent of employers predicting no change, resulting in the Net Employment Outlook currently standing at plus three per cent.

A company spokesperson from Tarpon commented on the recent survey:

The Employment Outlook survey is always a great sign of how employment levels are changing from quarter to quarter, with the second quarter of 2012 showing a Net Employment Outlook of two per cent, and therefore resulting in an one per cent improvement since the last quarter. This will no doubt bolster the UK contracting community.”

The UK Managing Director of Manpower Group, Mark Cahill, has also commented on the recent survey findings, claiming that:

The jobs market should be in free fall – but that’s not what we’re seeing. Firms are still looking to hire albeit at a weaker pace than before but the sort of hiring that is going on is where you’d least expect it.

There is also an interesting split between large and small employers in terms of attitudes to hiring. Big businesses are more optimistic (plus eight per cent) than at any time since 2010. However, when it comes to firms employing fewer than ten members of staff – so-called micro businesses – are feeling the pinch at minus two per cent.”

Umbrella company Tarpon believe that contractors should view this survey as good news, with the net balance of employers hiring is currently sitting at +1%. Continuing to rise since the first quarter of 2012.

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