The Summer games, their French athletes, and where to go to discover the source of their talent

MAYBE it’s the water, maybe it’s the wine, but these champions have led us to ask where they got it from!

Whether you’ll be monitoring the swimming, basketball, gymnastics, tennis or wrestling, these French athletes will surely pop up on your radar. Perhaps these will serve as inspiration for a quick hop over the pond, give you an introduction to the French team or at least help you answer a future notoriously difficult pub quiz question. In any case, you’ll be the source of the French summer games knowledge after checking out these five contenders:

  • Alain Bernard: competing in the swimming races in this year’s games, Alain comes from Aubagne in the picturesque region of Provence.
  • Emmeline Ndongue: competing in the basketball competitions of this year’s games, Emmeline comes from Auxerre in the gastronomic region of Burgundy.
  • Fanny Babou: Competing in the swimming races of this year’s games, Fanny comes from Perpignan in a region famous for its wine – the Languedoc Roussillon.
  • Julien Benneteau: Competing in the tennis division of this year’s games, Julien comes from Bourg-en-Bresse in the alpine region of the Rhone-Alpes.
  • Tarik Belmadani: Competing in the Wrestling division of this year’s games, Tarik comes from Viriat, also in the alpine region of the Rhone-Alpes.

To find out more about these regions and what makes them so special, head over to our ‘My France à Moi’ blog to read up on them!

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