FansFirst Scotland backs campaign to get supporters back to football

A NEW campaign to ‘claim back Scottish football’ from the one-sided corporate thinking that helped produce the Rangers tragedy has urged fans to back the Sell-Out Saturday initiative to drive up attendances.

FansFirst Scotland says that the hard work of Dons Supporters Together (Aberdeen) and others to get people out of their armchairs and into the stands for the start of the Scottish football season is “inspirational”.

Sell-Out Saturday has been endorsed by the Daily Record newspaper and widely reported in Scotland ahead of the 11 August start to the SPL season

But FansFirst Scotland, which has been formed by a steering group of individuals from supporter groups, and received national publicity in the Scotsman and Metro earlier this week, says campaign to get people back to live football must go hand-in-hand with substantial supporter-driven reform of the game.

A new version of a grassroots plan for restructuring, reorganising and refinancing Scottish football will be published soon by FansFirst Scotland, the group says. It will also be launching a ‘Claim of Right’ for what many see as the national sport.

“Sell-Out Saturday is an idea from the grassroots, and it shows exactly how the energy of ordinary supporters can transform Scottish football,” says FansFirst Scotland spokesperson Simon Barrow, who is involved with the Sonstrust at Dumbarton FC.

“The SOS message, which could also be described as ‘Save Our Sport’, given the financial challenges the game faces, is not just applicable to the SPL. It is equally important for lower league and junior clubs,” he suggests. “We all need to pull together at the beginning of August and for the duration of the season. Those who set up this campaign are to be heartily congratulated.”

FansFirst Scotland describes itself as “a growing network of individuals and supporters’ groups within Scottish football who want to see it rebuilt as a popular, sustainable, community-owned national game.”

Contact: Simon Barrow
Phone: 07850 120413