No.1 error companies make in a recession: cutting their marketing budget

THE No1 error companies make in a recession is cutting the marketing budget.

That’s the view of Gordon Beattie, chairman of Beattie Communications whose marketing brands include Only Marketing and 11ten.

He said: “The big mistake many companies make is to slash their marketing budgets when times get tough. It’s a foolish move and a bad decision. If sales are tumbling, a business requires more visibility – not less.

“At Beattie Communications we have increased our marketing spend and embarked on additional marketing activities to stay ahead of the downturn.

“We have increased our PR and media relations activities for all our brands and we have stepped up spending on search engine optimisation and pay-per-click.

“We have ramped up social media activity sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. In addition, we have been exhibiting at conferences, writing more blogs and targeting prospective clients by email.

“The increased activity has had a huge impact on our businesses in terms of new clients and additional fees.

“If your business is going through a tough time – cut your costs but not your marketing budget.”   

Beattie Communications prides itself in being the most entrepreneurial communications and marketing group in the UK.

Its businesses include Only Retail, Only Web, Only Travel, Only Health and Only Mobile Advertising.

Services include public relations, internet marketing, social media marketing and media buying.


For further information please contact Gordon Beattie on 0800 612 9890.

Contact: Gordon Beattie
Phone: 0800 612 9890