Omega completion technology announces three-year Canadian contract

OMEGA Completion Technology has today [Monday July 23] announced a three-year agreement to supply a Canadian oil service company with its bespoke oilfield technology. The Aberdeen-based firm will be supplying Versa Line Services with equipment for high deviation intervention work not currently available anywhere else in North America.

The specialist tools being supplied by Omega will allow Versa Line Services to extend slickline and electric line operations in the high angle wells.  These tools have already achieved operations at greater deviation than has previously been possible. The announcement is the latest in a series of contract wins for Omega, which has recently secured new orders in Germany, Israel, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Holland.

Omega’s senior business development manager, Malcolm Adam, says: “Versa Line had identified multiple wells above a certain level of deviation where they were unable to get their existing tools to operate. They are now using our high-deviation packages and achieving a much greater degree of success.

“Versa Line has been able to enter into wells that would normally require coil tubing and tractors, and have managed operations at deviations in excess of 78° which they had never even attempted to reach before. We have now been contracted to produce even smaller sizes of this high deviation equipment and we believe that it will bring Versa Line even greater success.

“Omega has had a great year so far and our client base is continuing to grow internationally. The machine shop in Aberdeen, where all our tools are developed and produced in-house, will be kept very busy for the foreseeable future.

“We currently employ 57 staff. The additional work that has been generated for Omega this year has required us to expand the workforce, and we continue to actively recruit additional members to the team.”

In addition to the high-deviation packages, Omega will also be supplying specialist technical support and will welcome members of the Versa Line staff to its headquarters in Dyce to undergo high-level training on operating the tools.

Omega has over 20 years of history in developing products for well intervention and completion, and currently holds 23 patents. All of the firm’s products are designed and produced in-house, including electronics design and manufacture.  More information about the company can be found at


Picture caption: Malcolm Adam, senior business development manager at Omega Completion Technology.

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