‘Splash the lifeboat’ eBooks launched

NEW UK-based publishing company, Bambino Media, has launched a series of eBooks based on its first pre-school entertainment brand, ‘Splash the Lifeboat’, by author and illustrator, D.H. Wallace.

‘Splash the Lifeboat’ eBooks are available in picture book and story book formats for Kindle, Kindle Fire, and Apple iPad format, aimed at parents or guardians with pre-school listeners to amuse. There are currently three picture books and two story books.

You guessed it, these bite-sized eBooks contain lots of cute boats and cuddly friends. The action takes place in and around Baggywinkle Bay, a small fishing village with a lively fictional harbour, where Splash the lifeboat, Ebb the baby tug, and Flo the jetski all live, work, and play together. In the course of each story, Ebb and Flo often get into trouble with Splash frequently saving the day, usually with the help of Swoop the helly-chopper or another helpful character.

Says Wallace: “I’m really delighted that the first five books in the series have been published, and I hope that children will enjoy listening to these short and simple stories.”

He adds: “While I focus on creating entertaining stories and pictures, many of the stories include simple water safety or basic social responsibility messages.”

Andrea Stevenson, Head of publishing at Bambino Media said: “Just like ‘Chuggington’, ‘Splash the Lifeboat’ builds on traditional children’s vehicle-based kid’s stories such as ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, ‘Trumpton’, and ‘Bob the Builder’.”


About the author

D.H. Wallace

D.H. is a writer, illustrator and an award-winning designer with an advertising & design agency background. Most of his earlier career was spent in animation and television working with broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and UK Gold. D.H. has participated in the BBC CBeebies Writer’s Lab, and now focusses on writing and illustrating for children.

D.H. was raised at the foot of the Campsie Fells, a range of hills in central Scotland. As a young child, D.H. spent many happy years on his grandfather’s boat (a converted lifeboat) near Rhu on the West coast of Scotland.

About the publisher

Bambino Media

Aiming to deliver the highest production standards, Splash the Lifeboat eBooks for children are brought to you by Bambino Media, a young, fresh and small independent publisher based in the UK.

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Amazon.co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/DHWallace/e/B008A33TRA/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/splashthelifeboat

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Andrea Stevenson

Head of publishing

Bambino MediaEmail: press@bambinomedia.com

Website: http://dhwallace.com


Contact: Andrea Stevenson

Email: press@bambinomedia.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/splashthelifeboat