Want to titillate your tastebuds? Join September’s Gastronomic Celebrations in France

SINCE UNESCO listed French Gastronomy on the world heritage list, every 22 September – the first day of autumn – becomes a celebration of one of France’s most important cultural assets.

This year’s theme is ‘Local produce: creativity and tradition’ as a tribute to French culinary classics.

Over 2000 events will take place everywhere in France: banquets, tastings, tours, contests, markets, exhibitions, activities for children, food festivals, and huge picnics.

Find out what’s happening  all over the country and don’t hesitate to join the locals to pay tribute to the best Michelin starred-chefs as well as the typical French Bistro.

For us in the UK, we have chosen to open Gastronomic reviews on our blog: where everyday you’ll find ‘out of the ordinary’ recipes from different regions.

Join us with your own suggestions and recipes to create together the most exceptional and unexpected French banquet that even Auguste Escoffier and François Vatel would be proud of.

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