Glasgow beats Edinburgh in festive cheer poll

However Christmas spending research from shows money is still tight

HOMES in Glasgow are set to have the best Christmas morning in Scotland this year as the city comes third in a festive cheer poll* as one of the most willing to embrace the festive spirit. However, Christmas day may be a little less cheery in Edinburgh as the town comes second to last in the poll.

The research, which looks at the state of Christmas shopping around the UK, found people in Glasgow love Christmas more than residents in Edinburgh. According to the survey by PriceRunner, the UK’s leading shopping comparison site, Santa’s sack will be bulging as he arrives in Glasgow where, on average, locals buy over 18 presents for friends and family.

48 per cent of people from Glasgow also admit that they love shopping during the busiest time of the year, one of the highest in the UK, spending an average of around 27 minutes browsing for each Christmas present while people in Edinburgh spend 23 minutes.

Most festive spirit this Christmas*





Glasgow came fourth nationwide in the poll close behind York, Birmingham and Liverpool, with over 13 per cent planning to spend more on presents this year compared to only seven of locals in Edinburgh. In fact, 42 per cent of people in Glasgow think that shopping is the best way to embrace the Christmas spirit.

A scrooge-like Christmas

Christmas joy is not felt by the whole of the UK however, as 92 per cent of the nation feel crippled by financial strain and will spend the same amount or less this year, compared to last. Furthermore, to make money go further, 17 per cent of shoppers are waiting for the Christmas sales to begin their shopping.

Lowest on cheer this Christmas*





Nearly one in five people in Scotland hate every minute of Christmas shopping. In particular, the people in Edinburgh appear to be dreading the sound of sleigh bells as the lowest number of people look forward to shopping at Christmas. Last-minute shoppers are abound in Edinburgh, which is one of the places most likely to leave gift buying until Christmas Eve.

Unmerry ‘stress’mas

From the 2,000 adults surveyed from across the UK, queuing is the biggest shopping stress. Nearly ten per cent of shoppers in Glasgow also feel the Christmas spirit is ruined by trying to find a car park space whilst 22 per cent can’t face the crowds. And, residents in Aberdeen would probably rather shop from home as finding a parking bay can take over 90 minutes in some cases.

Regardless of packed pavements, 44 per cent of Scottish people will still wait for the weekend to do their shopping even though the shops are at their busiest. 15 per cent of Scots find the crowds at Christmas too much and choose to miss out on a day’s wage or waste a day’s holiday to do their shopping during the week when everyone else is at work. To avoid the stress of Christmas, nearly one in ten residents in Scotland are sensible and have all their shopping done by the summer.

Andrew Walker, UK country manager for PriceRunner, said: “Buying presents is such a huge part of Christmas so it’s good to see so many embrace it and get into the Christmas spirit. However there are ways to make Christmas shopping more enjoyable if you get frustrated by the crowds. Shop out of peak time, such as first thing in the morning, and try looking online more; not just for shopping but for inspiration or to find the cheapest prices. It can save hours of searching so you can spend longer enjoying mulled wine and mince pies with friends and family.”


Notes to editors

The survey was carried out by OnePoll and 2,000 adults, across 30 places in the UK, on 6-8th November 2012.

The calculations for the most generous and festive places at Christmas have been calculated using the following method:

-          To calculate Christmas cheer we have compared each place’s response to the national average for four questions: the number of presents purchased in each place; the time spent browsing in each place; the percentage of people who love shopping in each place; whether they are spending more money this Christmas

-          We have applied equal weight to each question and combined their scores to create a rank for Christmas cheer

-          The figure for each question, in each place, is calculated by the following equation: the average in that place / average for the UK x 100. The four figures for each question are then added together and divided by four, to get the average in that place e.g. the level of Christmas generosity and cheer.

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